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This site is returning to SSL.

Some of the pages other then this initial page will now be protected my a self-signed SSL certificate. You will get an ssl error on each page or your will have to accept a temporary exclusion or load our site Certificate into you Certificate Store.

A self-signed Certificate will be offered for users to download and put into their Certificate Store. You Certificate Store is depended upon the OS and browser you are using. So refer to your Browser manual or OS manual for how to add.

You could search the WEB for storing Certificates using your browser and OS.

Example: OSX 10 uses the keychain to store Certificates in 'System'; Site Certificates in 'System Root'.

You have three(3) options:

  1. accept the error
  2. down load the page Certificate and save in 'System'
  3. get the rrsa.net site Certificate and store in 'System Root' along with the other Apple supplied site Certificate.

Rum River Software Agency, Inc. * Company Update Date: 2016-08-07T13:37:53Z Creation Date: 2003-04-22T01:19:11Z Expiration Date: 2017-10-28T03:59:59Z
Rum River Software Agency, Inc. * com Updated Date: 2017-06-01T17:44:20Z Creation Date: 1998-09-26T04:00:00Z Expiration Date: 2018-10-28T03:59:59Z
Rum River Software Agency, Inc. * net Updated Date: 2017-06-05T03:46:58Z Creation Date: 2006-05-28T19:33:34Z Expiration Date: 2018-10-28T03:59:59Z
Solar Page * SolarSolar Page
House Power external * SolareGauge Public Portal
House Power private * SolareGauge Private Portal

Leaf[2016] Trip * Chart
Penny's Weight * Chart
Priscilla's Weight * Chart
MYSQL Administration * DBase
MN Weather(wcco) WCCO
OakGrove MN, weather * WXrrsa Davis Weather Station
Manage Weather Station * WViewwview:Manage Davis Weather Station
Oak Grove UnderGround Weather Station ¶ * undergroundExternal page
Info * Info

Star's Weight * Chart

non-Empty Test #1 ** Chart
non-Empty Test #2 ** Testing
Power Plot ** E2
Internal Mail In A Box(parallels) ** Box
* Not ssl enabled.
** Only via localhost and requires user/password.